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Forgotten Fairy Tales

Adobe Illustrator, screen print and ink on paper


Illustrations of censored or omitted scenes from three well-known fairy tales. Fairy tales are often seen as children’s stories, but they were originally intended for adults. They offered fantasy and inspiration, commented on social concerns, and taught people about the world.

Violence was often a key factor in many of these tales, such as Aschenputtel’s (or Cinderella’s) step-sisters cutting off their toes and heels in order to fit the slipper. There is the sea witch in The Little Mermaid who cuts off the mermaid’s tongue in payment for legs. And the King in an older version of Sleeping Beauty (Sun, Moon, and Talia) rapes the girl while she slumbers in her enchanted sleep.

These illustrations serve as a reminder of what the stories have lost over the years, not just in violence, but in value. Fairy tales teach us that there exists both light and dark; that there is evil but it can be overcome; they teach us how to live.

Time waits for no one
Ink pen on paper, colour added with Adobe Photoshop
A simple illustration drawn for our university yearbook Prevaricate, that deals with the idea of procrastination: the things I do and the things I need to do.
How close are you?
Graphite pencil on paper
A poster which addresses a potentially negative aspect of Facebook. Closeness, connectedness, and communication take on new meaning as we use increasingly digital instead of physical means to develop relationships. The boxes that surround the figures is a metaphor for how close, and at the same time how separated we can become when we use social media.


Coloured pencil on paper


The aim of this project was to design an original character set in New Zealand 2013. Tiaki is a girl who lives alone on an island and looks after it each day at the charge of the strange woman who brought her up.

Her dress is inspired by traditional Maori clothing.

Her name, “Tiaki” (meaning “to guard”), is derived from the Maori “Kaitiaki” which means "carer, guardian, protector and conserver", referencing her role of guardian of the island.

In the sequence shown she finds and eats a can of spaghetti.

Wild Fox Country

Ink and wash on paper, colour added with Adobe Photoshop


Wild Fox Country is about a girl, and the fox she meets each time she visits the city. For this project we were given free reign to produce a limited edition book. I wrote and illustrated this story, indulging in my love of tales and fables.

Martha Marcy May Marlene
Marker on paper
This project involved creating an alternate ending for an existing movie in the form of a finished-looking storyboard, using a specific illustration style and camera techniques.

Neil Gaiman

Woodcut, ink on paper


This project explores the relationship between print and illustration, through a limited edition of four prints. The illustration consists of a famous artist and a word which is relevant to them in some way.

Neil Gaiman is writer. His diverse repertoire includes novels, comics, scripts, radio plays, and more. He is perhaps most well-known for his character Dream from The Sandman, with whom he shares a resemblance.


Ink on hot-pressed illustration board

Watercolour on cold-pressed illustration board

Acrylic on cold-pressed illustration board


Three portraits involving an exploration of different media. Namely: line, transparent, and opaque. Each painting depicts a different aspect of my friend Julia: her artistic side, her many interests and hobbies, and her love of Jane Eyre.